Booking FPP's for friends and family on a different schedule

I am responsible for all the FPP’s for my party.

My parents (2) are checking in to Caribbean Beach Resort on Friday 12/14. They are friends and family on my MDE account. My family (5) is checking in on Sat. 12/15. We are both going to the parks on 12/15.

What day is the earliest I can get FPP’s and will I be able to get all 7 or just 2? What’s the best way to make sure we all get the same FPP’s and/or the best way to make sure we get the best ones?

Thanks to everyone for helping out this n00b.

Do you and your parents have a package?

And do your parents have their own MDE account?

If you have a package, your 60 day window will not open early even if you are linked on MDE.

And since your parents arrive first, I think in order for you to be able to book for everyone at their 60 day window (assuming you don’t have a package) you will have to log onto their account. And one of them would have to be on each fastpass you book.

We both have packages, they don’t have their own MDE account as of yet. They booked over the phone and I entered their confirmation number into my MDE account to make them my F&F. Would it help to create an MDE account for them and claim that reservation somehow?

It won’t help.

Because you have packages, you won’t be able to book FPs until 60 days before each stay begins.

Best just wait for your 60 day window and book for everyone then. You’re only missing out by a day. Otherwise you could book theirs a day earlier, but no guarantee you’d be able to get the same ones.

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I agree with everything @Nicky_S says except this part. In my own MDE account I can book for any of my Friends and family who have an open 60 day window even if my own 60 window is not open. I have also book for friend A (60 day window not open) with Friend B’s open window when my own 60 day window was not open and A and B are not friends with each other. Confused yet?!? :joy:u

Yes, confused! :joy: Clearly I need a wee glass of wine to help clarify!

But since Op and parents have packages, no one can book fastpasses before their own 60 day window opens.

However, thanks for the thing about being able to book for other people on your MDE even when their window opens earlier than yours. At least I think that was what you were saying. Probably. ’

Yes! 100% true

Yes also 100% true.

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Solution is to book an extra day so you both arrive on the same day. Book your fast passes together. Then at 45 days out cancel the extra day as long as you did not book fast passes for that day you should be fine. I did not know when DD was getting out of school because of the added snow days so I added extra days to the end of our trip, after I made fast passes I called and canceled the first 4 days.