Booking fourth fast pass

So I snagged a Ogas reservation for same time as one of my tier 2 fast passes at HS. If I don’t scan in and just let it expire can I still book a fourth fast pass (tier 1) once I have used my other 2 fast passes.

Yes, as long as you have either used all of your initial 3 or had the time pass and the third expires you can then book your fourth.

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I have read mixed reports on this. My understanding is that the best practice is to swipe in for the 3rd FP and bail without doing the attraction.


So if you can’t tap in to the tier2 FP at all, it may drop off MDE when it expires.

That used to happen more often; since early summer more people are reporting that expired FPs aren’t dropping off. If that happens, you will need to modify that tier2 FP to another tier2 FP and either use it or tap in before you can book that next tier1 FP.

You may also be able to move that FP time so you can tap in, once you tap in to the previous one and are waiting in line.,

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It’s my middle fast pass if that makes a difference…just a nuisance because it’s muppets (which I really don’t care about doing) and it’s 10:50 am same time as oga’s and then I have droid depot right after that. So I would have to leave Star Wars land to just go over and scan in and then walk back to Star Wars land again. My 3rd fast pass is not until 12:55 which is my tier one. Does it make a difference that it’s not my last fast pass?

It’s more likely to clear when it expires if your tier 1 is last, but still no guarantees. You could move Muppetvision earlier once you tap in for your first FP? Then tap in before going to SWGE.

Yes will def try this. Thanks.

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