Booking for Summer 2020

Hi. We are planning a summer 2020 trip for my daughter’s high school graduation. This will be our fifth trip. We used a travel agent for our last two trips. She basically just did the booking. We’ve always made our dining reservations and fast passes. I used her because I was always afraid that I was going to miss a good deal. I was happy with her, but we really didn’t save any money. I was close to booking a short trip this summer, so I checked with MVT. Their quoted price wasn’t any cheaper than Disney. I see that packages are going to be released soon, so I’m trying to decide what to do. Just book myself or give MVT another chance? Is there a benefit to using someone else that I’m missing?

Agencies that offer exclusives, like MVT and Pirate Hooks and Pixie Dust, don’t offer exclusives every day of the year. It’s possible that your dates just didn’t coincide with the dates of one of their agency exclusives. I would give them and PHPD a chance, but check on their website once their exclusives are released to see if your dates fall within one of their offers.

Whenever I’ve gone through either agency, I’ve always gotten a deal. But I’ve always checked their dates out first to make sure I would fall within the specified date range. I’ve gotten Pop for $122.50 per night, Wilderness Lodge for $299/night, CSR for $205/night, and Contemporary for $423. So don’t give up hope!

Thank you! How far ahead do they usually announce their exclusive dates?

I work with an agent at PHPD and she told me that pretty soon after Disney releases their packages, she’ll have an idea of what exclusives will be available next year. I’m looking to book in June/July 2020.

Great! We are also booking June or July. My daughter has requested FQ again, but I think we could go elsewhere if it’s a better deal.

Usually they only have a handful of resorts for their specials, but sometimes FQ is among them. Can’t wait to see what they come up with for next year!