Booking for MIL and linking

My MIL has left me in charge of book her reservations. So, I have already created her MDE account. Just wondering if it will be easier to book on mine. Or is linking easy. I don’t want to have any trouble when it comes time to make ADRs and FPP+ also. Any suggestions welcome!!!

Hi @chilepeppr4! I didn’t have any trouble linking my friends’ accounts to mine. I put in their names and email and then they had to reply to the email. They made their own reservations and plans though. I can de their room reservations, but can’t change them. I was able to make ADRs and FPP for them without any trouble.

You could also just make an account for her like you would for a child. My husband never wanted to do any planning so I just made a profile for him and did all the booking and planning for him.

I’d ask her how much planning and control she wants.