Booking FastPasses

At 60 days out what are my chances of being able to book FastPasses for the times that will work with my touring Plans? Will I need to make last minute adjustments and compromises?

I wouldn’t worry too much. There are a limited number of onsite Disney hotel rooms, so the availability at 60 days doesn’t fluctuate as much as the availability at 30 days does. It often does take some fiddling with the times to get them just the way you want them, but I’ve never had much trouble.

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I didn’t have any trouble at all - and that includes new Pandora rides in June.

It was my first time booking the FPP online, though. I did watch a video on YouTube so I could see how it works. If you haven’t done it before, one thing I was not prepared for was the varying windows. Have the exact time you want to ride written down that way you can pick the appropriate window. I assumed they would all be on the hour like they were forever ago when they did paper passes in the park, but they vary - might be 11:00-12:00 might be 11:20-12:20. Either one works if you are wanting to ride at 11:45.

I had a list (with the order I wanted to book them - most popular first) and a copy of my touring plans handy in case I needed them. Had no problems at all and got everything I wanted.

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I haven’t ever had a hard time, personally.

I always make changes as the trip approaches, just because I can’t stop overanalyzing and leave well enough alone :wink: Even when making those changes I am pretty much able to get what I want to change to.


One tip.

Alongside your list with the times you want, write down the exact time you get.

This is because you cannot overlap, even by 5 minutes!

Also, take one of the times given as the initial option. You can then go in and MODIFY it, and you will be shown the whole range of available times. The initial times are a selection of possible options only.


I don’t stay at the resort, living close by and therefore only able to book 30 days in advance. I never have trouble getting the FPs that I want, except for Frozen and 7 Dwarfs, but can get on those if I go at ropedrop when the park opens. I also don’t usually have trouble adjusting anytime up to a week before my trips. Sometimes I even get lucky three days before with no trouble if it’s a lower crowd time.


When you say ‘Overlap’ what are you referring to please?

I have three FPP to use, can I book one for 9.30 another for 9.45 and another for 10.00?

Thanks in advance.

No. They have to be at least 1 hour apart. So 9-10-11 or in your example if your first is 9:30 then 10:30 is the earliest option for the 2nd FP and then 11:30 for the 3rd…

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To expand on that, FPP are for an hour window, not an exact time you must arrive. You can arrive anytime during that 60 minutes. As soon as you tap in for the 3rd, you can make a 4th one for any park You don’t have to wait for that hour to be gone. As soon as you tap in for the 4th, you can make a 5th, etc.

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