Booking Copper Creek Cabin without points?

OK, so what is the secret timing here to find availability at a Copper Creek Cabin through regular (non-DVC) booking? In looking at Availability calendars for DVC, I see a lot of availability. But I have tried every week for the next 11 months (working backwards from 11 out) and have found no availability for a Cabin.

Would prefer not to rent points (for reasons).

Just curious are you a DVC member? If so you can call MS for a cash reservation @ DVCs for a discount on available inventory usually around 25%. I have done it a few times and its generally cheaper than renter points - but more importantly I retain control of the reservation

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I don’t think the Cabins would be available very much, if at all, for Disney to book. For the same reason as the Grand Villas tend not to be available.

Disney own around 3% of the points at any DVC resort to sell rooms to the public. They are much more likely to take a handful of studios and 1&2-bed villas to sell.

They can also sell any rooms not booked within 60 days. So the Cabins are much more likely to be available at the last minute than months ahead.


I’m guessing that a lot of people booked the cabins up with point backlog. I like to daydream about renting those and have found when I search that there is limited availability for cash renters. Try looking for less than 7 days and maybe you could try a split stay, better chance for availability with less/off days.