car rental question

Traveling 11/11-11/21 and shopping for cars. I’m not in a hurry.

I looked on last night and they offered me a minivan for $424 all in, but I had to put in a $64 deposit and I’d rather just pay at pickup, so I let it go.

With a party of 7, I’d prefer a 12-pax, but can make a minivan work (guh) as long as we don’t overpack.

Has anyone booked on The offer was the lowest price I was seeing anywhere, including carrentalsavers and kayak and autoslash…

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You would be committed to that price? I ask because I have an 8 day rental that I started booking months ago. All categories were near $400. I then randomly found an economy car for $220 about 5 weeks ago. I have since dropped that because I have a premium car for $239. I would never put down a deposit on a rental.

I think the current favorite rental site is Autoslash?

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