Booking Before Specials

If you book your hotel room before Disney runs their special, can you get the discounted rate? If so, how do you go about doing that. We are travelling in Jan to Disney and it looks like historically the specials don’t start until the end of the month. Thanks.

Once the offers are in effect, you can call in and if your room selection qualifies they can apply it.

Exactly what I was hoping to hear! Thanks!

We did that for our trip last February. We booked a package online and then when the specials were announced we were able to call in and save. Also in the event that what you had booked doesn’t qualify they can help you select an alternate booking if you would prefer to still get the offer.

Yes what @cynergy said! They should be able to modify an existing reservation if/when it qualifies for a promo. Sometimes they will tell you there is no availability for it…depending on the resort/room type though.

We did this for our trip in December. We used a travel agent and she was able to apply get us the quick service free dining and then we up graded it to deluxe dining. We are there for 10 nights so that was a big savings.

You can also do it online. I had booked our trip online before Free Dining came out. Once it became available, I made a new booking for the same dates, this time with FD. When the booking was complete and I had received the FD booking confirmation on e-mail, I cancelled the first reservation.

This procedure means you will have to pay the deposit twice, but you avoid hours in line on the phone. And the deposit from the first booking was refunded and back in my account after only one day. It was a great way to secure Free Dining while others were in line on the phone, and it also saved me lots of money - overseas phone calls are expensive!

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I booked a trip back in February for this coming October. When discounts were announced, I called WDW but was told there were no specials for the Yacht Club during the time I would be there. The cast member then said, but let me check with Guest Services. She put me on hold and came back several times to apologize for the wait and to tell me they were “still looking into it.” I assured her I did not mind waiting. After about 10 - 15 minutes (I don’t really remember), she came back to tell me they had taken $770 off of my package!! For no apparent reason, as far as I can tell! SO, it never hurts to ask and being patient and polite goes a long way.

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That was really nice. She must have gone to a manager to see what they could do.