Booking AP resort discount before activating AP?

I’ve been pricing options for an upcoming trip, and it may make sense to purchase an annual pass. If I’ve bought the pass, can I still book resort rooms at the AP discount rate online before I activate the AP? (assuming a discount is offered this fall, of course!)

Do I have to get the AP activated before checking in to my resort? Or can I present the voucher instead? Anyone done this recently?

I do know you can book the AP rates before activating the AP. As long as it’s in MDE then you should see any AP rates and discounts.

As far as checking in, again I’m sure the voucher is fine. Because you have to activate at the parks, not resorts, they must be used to that. Maybe they ask you to stop by sometime after activating it, just to check?

Once you purchase the AP it becomes associate with your account. You can get the shopping discount and have access to the pass holder srpection if the website ( including room discounts). I have never been asked to activate before check in.

Thanks @Nickysyme @PrincipalTinker! I was googling and the Disney Mom’s Panel answers seemed to contradict each other on this – it’s good to hear that the way I was hoping it worked is actually how it works, for once!