Booking ADRs with multiple accounts?

I thought I’d read it was possible to book two ADRs simultaneously using multiple accounts (i.e. his & hers). I’m practicing, but MDE wants DS assigned to only one parent or the other, making booking a table for three with the second account impossible. Am I doing something wrong? Did I misunderstand? Rookie mistake?

It doesn’t matter how many people you have assigned to an MDE account - you can make the ADRs for however many people you want.

when you are making the ADR in the system, don’t fill out the additional guests (or assign guests) to the reservation. leave them as “add guest” This is ok. it will still go through.

If you add the people to the reservation, the system will see the overlap and alert you that you have a conflict.

if you leave all the other guests blank, it avoids that situation and you can make the overlapping adrs.


Thanks @DarthDopey - you explained it much better than I :slight_smile:

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