Booking ADR's what are the limits please?


Hi, my ADR window is soon and I'm having dificulty choosing which park to visit each day because I don't know which days AK & HS will have nightly entertainment or when AK will have EMH. So my plan is to make a few duplicate ADR's. What are the rules please? Can I book 2:30pm H&V and 3:30pm Sanaa?


Pretty sure they allot an hour. I think a 2:30 and a 3:30 will be allowed. There's also the option of using a second MDE account to book within the same hour. o_O


After I have made all my ADRs I have also had a lot of luck double booking through the app.


Yup I always book possible ADRs then change later when I know what I want to do


I was able to get 2 dinners an hour apart for the same night.


I was able to have 2 ADRs at the same time. Let me explain. We used a travel agent to make our vacation package. I made ADRs online. Later was looking at doing some changes but didn't want to loose the ones I had if I couldn't get the others. I called the Disney Dining and made some new ADRs then after hanging up, and looking at the MDE, I noticed I had ADR's fpr the exact same time. This allowed us to make sure that we were able to get the ones we wanted and we cancaled the ones we didn't want right away. I don't think this would work if you made your vacation reservations thru Disney themselves. I know this works as I did the same thing a 2nd time so that we could change around ADR's because we changed parks.