Booking ADRs Online

We’re getting close to our 180-day point for our trip and to the time to make ADRs. :smiley: When we reach the 180 days, if I’m logged into the WDW site will the calendar automatically allow me to select one of the +10 days? I was just looking around the site a couple minutes ago, and I can currently only access up to 180 days; anything after that cannot be selected. Will the site recognize that I have a vacation booked with them and allow me to make ADRs for the rest of the days I am planning to be there? Or would I have to call Disney Dining to make the reservations?

(Last time we booked a trip to WDW, we had significantly less than 180 days to go, so I hadn’t thought of this question before.)

Related question: We’re using a TA for this trip. Would it be better to have her make the ADRs for us?

Short answer: Yes.

When you hit 180, you log on at 6am it will show your whole trip as available to make ADR’s. Make sure you do a fresh log in if that makes sense at 6am if you don’t see your whole trip available. Sometimes a log out, log back in again works.
Good luck with ADR’s and have fun!!

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Thanks for your help.

So, would it be important for me to wait until 6 am to log in or can I already be logged it a few minutes in advance?

you can log in a few minutes in advance to get all set up and ready to go, but if you find when 6am does hit and you only see your one “180 day out” day you may need to do a quick log out and long back in again to refresh the system

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Got it! Thanks again.

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Do you have a package? There has been a glitch with room only reservations making ADRs, you can see the dates but you get an error code for days after 180. They know it is an issue and say they are “working on it”.

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Yes. I have a package with the room and the tickets. Thanks for checking, as it sounds like this may have been a show-stopper.

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