Booking ADRs across three reservations

So, with the addition of staying at BLT Nov. 30, I’ve now got a total off 3 separate reservations.

My first thought was that this would mean I could start booking my ADRs a day sooner. But I seem to recall that your 60+length of stay rule for booking doesn’t apply to multiple reservations…only to each individual reservation. Is this correct?

So, I’ll be able to book reservations on Nov. 30 for Dec. 1, but since I’m checking into Boardwalk on Dec. 1, I’ll have book the remainder of my ADRs (except the LAST day) on Dec. 1 still, right?

Our LAST night is still actually a 1 Bedroom BWV, but it is a separate reservation. Fortunately, we don’t plan to book any ADRs on that final day, so it doesn’t matter…but if we WANTED to, it would mean we would have to wait until Dec. 8 to book it, correct?

Or am I completely misremembering, and the 60+length of stay should span across concurrent reservations?

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Maybe you have some typos in there but, although you have to manage each reservation separately, you can do 60+length for each reservation. So no need to wait until 11/30

But yes, otherwise.

Oh. Sorry. Yeah. Meant 60 days from Nov. 30, not wait until Nov. 30 itself! :slight_smile:


Curious, is your ‘final day’ after your last night ?

Yes. We are going to Epcot after our final night. We fly out that evening. But we plan to eat around World Showcase that day.

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