Booking ADR’s

Someone mentioned a few weeks back when booking their ADR’s that the website was acting up and they had to go to individual restaurants and search times vs the normal way of booking (MDE - Check Dining Avail - Choose Party Size - Choose Day - Select Time/Restaurant).

Has anyone book in the last week or so that could help know if ADR booking is still broken?

I was looking at what was available 55-60 days out the other day. When I looked at individual restaurants it did not show any times. When I went to the dining page it showed me the exact times I had just searched. This was from a browser.

I booked this week using the Disney site on my phone. I was booking up through 60+6 and I only hit one issue because there’s one meal where we’ll have a larger group and the social distancing measurements wouldn’t let me book over a certain number of people. But calling right after fixed that.

I was one of the people who had surfaced the issue about availability but didn’t encounter it myself when making actual reservations.

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You went into individual restaurants?

When I’ve seen people have that issue, it is on the app.

If nothing shows up on the COMPUTER, just refresh - or pick a time 30 minutes off. I have never bothered looking restaurant by restaurant and never had an issue getting things.

I just checked again. It did not work for me on Thursday but it is working today.

No. I did from the main site. There was one time I went into a restaurant and saw more times available. But I think that’s typical. I never got “no availability” on the main page and then availability on the restaurant page like I had been when I was practicing in the week prior.

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My issue was the opposite on Thursday. On individual restaurant pages I received “there are no reservations available during 4:30-6:30 on this date” and then on the main page multiple options for that restaurant/date/time were available.

The main issue I saw was some like CRT did not show on app.

I made my ADRs yesterday. It was a big pain as it always is. Lol. MDE was worthless. I couldn’t make a single reservation on it. I made everything on my computer but after finishing a few ADRs it gave me an “access denied” error and wouldn’t let me back on the site. Did the same thing on my phone. I had to clear cookies for it to work again.