Booking ADR for more people than you have?

I’m in a pickle. I’m trying to get an early Yak & Yeti reservation and when I select 2 people, only 2 times come up. When I switch it to 4 people, more times open up, including a time I could use. Could I reserve a table for 4 and only show up with 2?

Also, I have the Landry’s card. Should I even bother with getting a reservation at this restaurant?

You won’t need a reservation if you have the landrys card but I have booked a table for 4 when I only had 3 for that exact reason.

Secondary question: If the restaurant closes at 7 that day? What is the latest I should arrive with my Landry’s card for a table? I’m trying to plan around a possible ROL at the end of November :thinking: and / or the Tree of Life Awakening.

Or should I go before sunset (5:29pm that day)?

You can always show up with less than you booked. We booked a breakfast for 12 on 24 hour day last year and only 2 of us actually made it lol. They were surprised but no fees.

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I have a bunch of reservations for my next two trips for 4 when I am traveling with my son. My father and step mother will be in the world and it may be impossible to add them, but it is no problem to show up with 2.