Booking ADR advice/my experience

This morning my 180 mark arrived. Thanks to advice from this site I had all my tabs open with dates set and at 6 am started clicking away! (I did have to refresh every tab before it would recognize that I was able to search for the dates in question but that only took a few seconds.) I was able to pretty much get everything but when I tried for two in park breakfasts (BOG and H&V) it came up as no times available. After trying a few more times for each I started to figure Disney hadn’t released them yet but decided to try on the phone app. Both came up with available times on the app! So I figured I’d post my experience here in case anyone is booking soon and runs into the same issue. Check website and app before giving up!


I’m gearing up for booking ADRs in about a month. I figured I’d have some separate tabs open, but I didn’t think about having the app ready to go too. Thanks for the tip!

Definitely have the app open. I was all ready for my day and just as I clicked on my first reservation on my computer my Internet died. So I had to do most on my phone but it was in a completely different room. I ended up getting pretty much what I wanted but it was more stressful then it should have been! :smile_cat:

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