Booking accommodations when half the group already have park passes?

Hi! We are throwing together what feels like a last minute trip at the end of March because we can meet up with friends going at the same time. We have unused park passes from April 2020 that I’ve just confirmed we can use, but our friends haven’t booked anything. We would like to stay in the same hotel, and with rooms near each other. What’s the best way to do that?

Should we have our friends book hotels with included park passes, while we book rooms only and then try to arrange to get the rooms together? Is any of this possible through Undercovertourist etc or will we need to go straight through Disney?



That is the very definition of last minute, my friend :wink:

You’ll have to call guest services and get a “travel with” number. This will tell them that although you’re booked separately you’re actually one group and would like to be as near to one another as possible. It may help to have the lead guest from each reservation on a three-way call because I do think they have to confirm both reservation numbers and leads.

I don’t quite understand your second paragraph question. As far as linking the rooms together with a travel with number that can only be done through Disney once you have the rooms booked.

Would a TA be helpful with this? Use the phone to book both reservations at one time using their individual CC’s.

I understood OP to say that it’s already booked, but otherwise yes that would be the thing to do.

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