Booking a split stay

If you’re booking a split stay at different WDW hotels, do you essentially book separate vacations, with separate FPP windows, or is there some way of booking it so that you get credit for the full length of your stay, despite it being at different hotels?

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You book both stays. The term “split stay” is not a Disney one. They see it as two back to back stays.

You will have one FP window and can book for the length of both stays at once, for as many days as you have tickets for (assuming you check out of one resort and check into another on the same day).

But you will have two ADR windows, one for each stay.


You do need to be thoughtful on how you purchase your tickets with a split stay.

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So if I book nine consecutive nights at a total of three on-property hotels, I’ll be able to book FPPs on my last day at 60+9?

But those bookings would be made separately, with three separate invoices? Disney will join the dots and figure out what I’m doing?

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Park tickets?

As I’m in the UK, I’d just buy a 14 day ticket.

You cannot buy the tickets as part of a package on your 2nd or 3rd stay.

What are the implications of that?

What’s wrong with buying the tickets wholly separately? Would I miss out on a deal, e.g. free dining?

If you get free dining, in the US, you need to purchase tickets with each resort. Each PH ticket could cost $500 or more each. A US AP would be $900. You can get the dining on the first stay and add enough days to cover the other two room only reservations. You could add dining only to those two reservations too, as a ticketless package (can you do that with UK rooms?)

This may all be premature. I’m pencilling in 2022 for this trip.

The “plan” is:

Three nights at UOR
Three nights at CR
Two nights at AKL
Four nights at YC

One 14 day UK ticket

I’m not relying on dining plan, but if there’s a deal . . .

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Rules may change in 4 years.

I mean, unless you’re planning sooner?


Nope. This is only going to be post-Calvin. I’m not leaving him alone again.

And I need time to save up the money to pay for it. I’m estimating £9-10,000.

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You can book three room only reservations plus the UK tickets separately? If there was a deal you will just need to consider if the cost of 3 tickets would eliminate all saving from free dining. I suspect in the US it would, but your numbers could be different .

I’m so glad you are planning to return! I look forward to seeing your plans develop over the next few years.

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Does the unification of the FP windows occur “magically” or do you need to do something (call, etc.) to do it?

It is Magic!


You just have to have all the reservations added in MDE.


That would work fine.

But if you book packages, in order to get the free dining, I think you need to buy tickets with each one.

The issue there is, each ticket is only valid from the start of it’s package. So it doesn’t let you book FPs until that particular ticket becomes “active” for FP booking, which will be 60 days before.

If you’re considering packages, are you meaning through the U.K. site? Just looking now. For 2019, you have to book a 2 week package to get free dining. I doubt you will get it with what your current plans. And I’m not sure if they do less than 7 days in a package anyway.

Stick to your original idea. IMO that’ll work better.

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Why do you think this is true?

I booked (and cancelled) a five night stay at BC that came with the free DDP and $200 gift card.

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A CM told me that the free DDP attaches to a minimum 5 night stay or more. The CM said that if I split my 7 night stay, even between 2 grades of room at the same resort, I would lose the free DP for the 2 night stay. I was trying to upgrade a Savannah room at AKL to a Club Savannah room but they only had two nights available.