Booking a room at Royal Pacific with amex points


This feels like a silly question but if I book one of the three Universal hotels that have the express pass privilege through american express do I still get the express pass? Or do I have to book directly through Universal?

Stayed at Disney many times but never at Universal and trying to plan a trip!


Regardless of how or who you book your room through you get all that hotels benefits ie early entry and express pass. You can also book tickets via 3rd parties to save money. The only hotels that need booked directly with uni are the offsite 3rd party hotels that have the early entry benefit as a partner hotel.. I believe the offsite partnership benefits are being phased out this year though.


Also if you buy your park tickets using your Amex card, you have access to the Amex VIP lounge in USF. It has free bottled water, potato chips, granola bars and smartphone charging stations, also AC.


Thank you! The amex lounge sounds like a great perk! I'm definitely going to book using amex!


What a great tip!! Thank you.


I found it in the UG book purely by chance! Ok, I was reading it from cover to cover :blush::joy:


I think I need to get the Universal one. I only have the WDW one right now.


It's a great book, really helps when you are going to Universal. I even found out there is mini golf at Uni....I never knew that before!!


Honestly, I read it cover-to-cover as well. That's how I found out they had used two of my quotes in the current book! :slight_smile:


Ooooo I'm interested to know which quotes now!! I need page numbers!!! :joy:


I loaned the book to someone, so I don't have the page numbers, but I was the mom from Crystal Lake talking about Forbidden Journey (totally cheesy, but totally accurate!) and the parent from Illinois talking about children and height requirements.


I've found the forbidden journey one! Not cheesy at all, it's an awesome ride :grinning:


I'll look for it! I'm not far from you in Hoffman Estates.


Howdy, neighbor! :slight_smile:


Howdy Mickey Comrade!