Booking 3 Genie+/ILL reservations at the same time

We are staying at a Disney resort. Can 3 of us book 3 different things simultaneously at 7 AM?

I book RotR ILL
DH books Slinky Genie+
DS books Remi ILL (we are park hopping at 2PM)

Also, Can I set up my credit card info. on the app. the day before? I’m not sure how to do that.

Thanks so much to all you experts out there!

On your MDE app, you click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) at the lower right.
That should bring you to a screen asking you to sign in / welcoming you.
Tip Board and My Genie Day at the top of the screen.
Scroll down, My Profile is at about the middle of this screen.
This will bring you to a screen where you can modify your profile and the fifth option from the top allows you to add Payment Method.
It should be pretty straight forward from there.


Yes, you can have multiple people do that. You can have them each sign into your MDE account, then each book a different attraction. I think you can also have them sign into their own MDE account (if they have one) and if you are all Friends & Family with booking privileges, but that sounds a bit more complicated.


Do we know which of these options is most reliable? I know I’ve seen it’s theoretically possible to do multiple at once, but I’ve also seen people mentioning it glitching for all but one person when attempting. I don’t think they’ve indicated if the were doing via F&F or 3 log-ins on one account. :thinking:

Several times this past week we had two people booking simultaneously on separate accounts for the same group (for example I booked LL for Slinky while my husband used his MDE to book ILL for Rise) and had no problems.


This past week we had two people booking different things on the same MDE account at 7am, one LL and one ILL, and were successful. If we wanted to book a second ILL whoever finished first would then work on that action.