Booking 2 resorts?

I have 2 weeks booked at CBR in November but would like to surprise my sister with 1 night at AKL half way through the trip. Is it possible to book in a different resort with a simultaneous stay at another resort? Will it be possible to remain checked-in at CBR when we check-in to AKL (ie will it confuse the magic bands or might they give us a separate key card?)
Thanks in advance for any help!

To keep things simple, just open a new MDE with a different email. Put the surprise room on that MDE only. Then no issues with checking in and out. Disney will see it as a separate travel parties.

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Are you looking to simply book a room for her while you stay back at CBR? or are you looking to leave CBR, stay at AKL, then return to CBR again?

We did a multi hotel stay on our trip (WL, AKL and AoA) and we got new magic bands for each portion of the stay. We ended up with 3 sets of bands and each hotel stay activated a different set.

We did find that there were issues with the booking of park tickets and which hotel stay they were attached too but that issue was sorted by guest services fairly quickly.