Booked our Dinning Reservations for week of appreciated

Here is what we have reserved:

Monday - nothing
Tuesday - Chef Mickey’s 1:05pm
Wednesday - Ohana 11:15am
Thursday - Be Our Guest 8:25am (only time we could get) and Whispering Canyon 6:50 pm
Friday - Garden Grill 6:45pm

Not sure all of these will stay on the schedule, however we would love any feedback. We are planning our days at each park according to the reservations at each. That might change as well. Have a while before we need to set up our fast passes, but I’d like to start somewhere. lol. Thank you for all your help and expertise.

I guess I would love to see how these work into your plans to be able to give some real feedback. I think you’ve chosen some good, classic places and I think you’ll enjoy the meals, but as to how they work within your plans is another question entirely.

I should have listed that as well…lol


Monday: Hollywood Studios before/after lunch
Tuesday: Magic Kingdom
Wednesday: Not sure…we do have waterpark passes so depends on weather really. Water park/Animal Kingdom all in the air right now. :frowning:
Thursday: 2nd day Magic Kingdom
Friday: Epcot

Given those plans I think your dinner plans work well.

Are you planning QS for Monday lunch? Otherwise, how about a 50’s Prime Time or Sci Fi lunch in HS to kick off your time there?

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I’ve never been to BoG for breakfast, but my family loved lunch there. The building and details are amazing. If you go there, be sure to take some time to just walk around and look at the place. We liked it for lunch because it was so cool (which seemed really important in the summer), and we could refill our drinks. Also, definitely preorder so you can cut time in the ordering line. I would be careful about an 8:30 res there taking up prime morning touring time. That’s another reason we liked lunch.

We also loved GG. The characters were fun, we loved the food at dinner, and it was just a nice setting. My kids loved revolving around the living with then land scenes too.

Yes. We will use our QS for all other meals. Thank you for the other suggestions. It helps.

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We would have loved to do BoG for lunch or dinner, however it was not available and it is something my DD wants to do. I was just talking with her about it cutting into time and things to do/see as well. Ugh. Decisions. Thank you for the tips on ordering prior. How is that done? I wanted dinner for BoG. :frowning:

If your trip isn’t until November, keep checking for different reservation times. TP has a reservation Finder you can access from your dashboard and out in searches for reservations you want. But BOG is really cool. Definitely worth a visit even if you can’t find a time you like better

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Oh, and you can preorder online. I can’t remember the details but I think I got a link that led me to the correct page

Thank you for letting me know about the reservations finder. I just put my request in. Hopefully something comes open. Still early in the game and you never know. Feeling hopeful.

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I’ve never been unable to get my desired reservation when I have used the ResFinder. Good luck!

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I think your BOG will most likely end up as an after opening ADR. Maybe check for a back up later time too? I used the finder to get two BOG reservations at the exact time I wanted!

What is ADR?

I found and acronym list. :slight_smile:

Ohana at 11:15am on a day you might go to a waterpark or AK might not be convenient, is it a must do or are you happy to drop it if plans change.

We definitely want Ohana. This was the only day/time we could get. I would rather change it to a dinner one night. We have cancelled the waterparks for now b/c we want to get to each of the parks. Wednesday was going to be more of a lounge kind of a day or visit Animal Kingdom at some point that day.

Ohana is close to Magic Kingdom but not really close to anything else although you can get to Epcot pretty easily from there.

I just edited my reply…sorry about that. We are at Epcot Friday but are reserved for Garden Grill.