Booked! And magic band question

Doing a disney dance tonight! Airfares booked and POR royal room garden view booked! Just need to book the rest of our accom for offsite plus nyc and miami! One month of bonus summer for us - see you in June!!

Now in the disney app how do I start the mb personalisation. Because we are australia they don't ship them here, but it says to add an address before you can personalise. Do I put in POR address as this is where we'll collect when we check in?

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Yay. Sounds like a fab trip. I'm in the UK and I think that initially I put a fake address, but then I logged in to MDE on my laptop and changed my address to my real one. I don't think I could do it from my phone, neither the app nor the browser. Hopefully someone can remember what they did!

I'm from Canada and will pick up the MB there as well but I have my home address listed. Not sure if it's right, but that's what I did. Lol! smile

I am over a year away and have already sorted my MB out smiley I too am in the UK and just used my home address, once you have linked your reservation into the system it wont matter as they know you are outside the US and so you can personalise it now and then pick them up when you check in.

@LieutLaww for some reason it's asking me to change the address. It's saying to update the address in the mb section before I can go any further. It has a note saying they'll be delivered to the resort and shows my address. Maybe I need to change that to the resort address? Think I'll have to call them.

Are you located in the US or outside, if outside then you will get the message saying you will pick up your MB's when you get to your resort as they do not ship them internationally yet.

Yes in Australia. Yep got that message but it wants an address so I can personalise or doesn't it let you do that is you're overseas?

I take it you have linked your reservation into the MDE ? And just put your home address in, that's all I did and was able to personalise my MB.

I do remember having similar issues to the one you're having now, which is why I'm sure that I put in Beverley Hills 90210 to start. Personalised my magic bands and then changed my address to my real address on MDE. I'm really sorry I can't remember exactly what I did as it was about a year ago that I did it. What I can say though, is that now it has my correct address and I can still modify our bands, but I do definitely remember something odd in the beginning.

Ha ha that's the only usa post code I know! I've emailed Disney with screen snaps so I'll see what they say. I'm thinking I'll just add the resort addy as that's where they'll deliver.

Thanks for the help all. Got it to work just plugged in POR address smile

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Ok. Heard back from disney - response below. So I think for those having troubles enter a usa addy to personalise then change it back once you've done them. I've just added my correct address and it let me do it.
"You will still enter your own address in the confirm shipping address section. The system will know that your address is outside of the United States and will ship the MagicBands® to the resort for you.
They will be available for you when you check into your resort."

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