Booked again!

We got back from our last trip on Sunday and have just booked to go again in April/May. Can’t wait!! The amazing thing is that it was actually DH who suggested going sooner than we’d originally planned - after 15 years of DVC membership he’s finally as hooked as I am! So, new spreadsheet created - let the planning commence! :stuck_out_tongue:



So much time is involved in planning a Disney trip and then it’s over in a flash. Afterward, I think the one doing the planning goes through withdrawals. Within three days of our returning from WDW last month, I had booked a trip to DLR in April. It doesn’t involve even half the planning that WDW does, but it’s still a nice goal to work toward. Disney is so addictive!

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Completely agree - the planning has become such a great part of our trips that I think I need it almost as much as the time at WDW! I now have two trips to sink my teeth into (going back in October as well) - that should keep me busy for a while…! :grin:

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I love planning!