BOOK VS. Website

I just recently subscribed to for disneyland but wasn’t sure if I should purchase the book as well? We will only be there for three days and I want to make the most out of my time.

I always buy the books since they have a lot of great information but honestly the tools and advice on the website and forum has been where I learned the most.

In addition to the website did you download and sign in to the app? There is a link to all the menus and a chat feature that you can get short answers. Here we can give long detailed answers and sometimes add pictures.


I like getting books as well - not just for Disney but for other travels. Websites are awesome. But the book is a great tangible, writable things where you can have little notes etc. The books are worth getting

I also like the books, but I think I would hold off if it was just for one 3 day trip. I think you will get all the info you need from the forum and website.

If you have a Kindle tablet or reader, you can download the book to one of these. The price is cheaper this way and by buying the on-line version of the book you get a nice discount in subscribing to Touring Guide online website,

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