Book recommendation for 14yo

My 14yo goddaughter is having some health issues right now, and I wanted to get her an uplifting book. I doesn’t have to be WDW-related. Any suggestions?


I love all the books by gail carson Levine. She takes fairy tales or folk tales and picks them apart and expands them. Her female lead characters really learn a lot about themselves and life. The author is best known for “Ella Enchanted” and she remade Tinkerbell for Disney before they started the new movies (the original hardback books are beautifully illustrated, but might be a little young for a 14 year old, unless she’s into tinkerbell, then I definitely recommend the original printing.)

Meg Cabot books
Divergent series
Anne of Green Gables series
The Thief Lord By Cornelia Funke or the Ink Heart Series by Funke
100 Cupboards series
Shannon Hale books
Donna Jo Napoli books (Beast was really good (Beauty and Beast) and Zel (Rapunzel)

Good luck. I hope she feels better. If I think of any more, I’ll post them. If these aren’t her cup of tea, maybe you can give me an example of what she likes and I can help more.