Book ILL from flight?

My flight leaves NY at 6:38am but we are going to HS later that day (have 1pm entry tickets). Has anyone had luck booking a Lightning Lane for ROTR from a plane? I hear they are all gone by 7:01, so I really have no choice and it is the only day we will be at HS.

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I slept in the other day and finally got around to grabbing a ILL for ROTR around 7:10am and still was able to grab it for 2:15 that day. This was last Friday.


I’ve seen a couple of people be able to do that. Of course, you will want to test the wifi once you get in the air and make sure it’s working properly. You’ll be at a bit of a disadvantage because airplane wifi is almost always slower and less reliable than on the ground, but at least it’s something.

Another option would be to have someone you trust back at home log into your account and get what you want.


Do you happen to know the crowd level for that day? The day I’m going is an 8 (ugh).

Curious on what day you are visiting and the predicted crowd level. Some days it’s only a 60 minute standby wait at 7:00-8:00.

It’s the day of the Princess Half Marathon so it’s predicted to be an 8. I’m not happy, but that’s when the conference I am attending is!

Yes, I actually just looked it up! Was predicted at a 5 but ended up being a 6.

Ah. President’s Day week.

WOW, after researching I am finding some stunning info. When HS had CL 8 days the beginning of this month, the observed CL for ROTR was only 4. And it’s not just one abnormal day, there is a strong pattern and all five CL 8 days showed a CL 4 for ROTR.

Now this is the best part. On this day around 5:00pm, there were 3 user wait times submitted. Actual waits were only around 55-60 minutes. But Disney’s posted wait was 125 minutes!


It’s technically the last day of President’s Week so I was hoping it would clear out by the evening. Hoping being the operative word.

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