Book a room to get FPP / AKL pool view

My trip runs 25 June to 2 July. I’m staying off-site except my last night, when I’m staying at the Contemporary. So I get FPP availability 60 days before 1 July. So my first night FPPs will be booked 54 days in advance.

It occurred to me that I could book my first night on property, in which case my FPPs on (for example) 30 June (the day TSL opens) would be booked 65 days in advance.

I’m considering AKL (pool view room).

Any thoughts?

(Asking for a friend. Ahem.)


It would work.

And AKL is gorgeous. There is so much to do there that I would be wanting to spend every minute exploring the resort and the activities. But coming from the UK, you’re not going to have much time there at all that first evening. And then you’ll be into your plan (version 3,472. 41).

And you won’t want to leave.

Not helping much, am I? Sorry about that… :grin:

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I think with AKL there is usually no need to pay for an upgraded room. This is a standard view:

The choice of AKL is because I’ll be back at AKL the following night for dinner, so I can pick up my bags after dinner before setting off for the house.

Arrive Monday, check in, spend evening at MK, sleep at AKL
Check out Tuesday, leave bags, spend day at UOR, dinner at AKL, pick up bags, go to house.

It’s a great plan . . . except . . . I don’t know how excited about AKL I actually am. The only rooms on offer are “pool view” or “savannah view”. None are listed as “standard view”.

How much difference is there between booking FPPs at 60 plus N days rather than 60 minus N days?

Do it. AKL is amazing.

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I stayed there with my family in Jan 2017 and it was amazing. So beautiful. We stayed in Kidani, but visited Jambo often. Just love love loved it.

I’m just wondering if you stayed at AKL and CR, that it would be cheaper just to stay the whole time at a value. It would be less Uber, or Lift, that you would need also more money saved.

I thought the same thing since DME would be included as well. If I remember correctly @profmatt did not want to stay at a value?

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Having thought about it ceaselessly overnight, staying on-property on my first night just doesn’t make sense. I don’t want to stay at a value hotel simply because the house I can stay in for free is incredibly nice and it would be mad to give that up unless it is for something much better.

What I could do — and I’ll be interested to hear people’s views on this — is book one night at a value in order to get the FPPs but either to cancel once the FPPs are locked in (which will cost me £50) or just not show up (which will cost me £123).

Whether I do this depends in part on whether gaining five days jump on my FPPs is worth it.

I responded in the other thread, but will here too: I would not waste money for FPP