Boo to you parade - best viewing location. Fantasy Parade- Best Viewing - Wishes - Best Viewing

Where is the best viewing location (not too crowded, good view)
a) During the Boo to you parade (any the other Halloween events)
b) Fantasy Parade
c) Wishes

Also, anyone know when Marie the cat shows up?

a) I like to watch it from Frontierland, where it’s a bit darker than Main Street and the sparking effects of the Gravediggers’ shovels shows up more. Plus it’s less crowded.
b) Frontierland or Liberty Square, where you might be in shade if you’re on the same side as Country Bear Jamboree and Shooting Gallery, as well as being less crowded than Main Street.
c) Wishes was replaced by Happily Ever After. HEA is fireworks plus images projected onto the front of the castle. Best viewing, if you want to see the projections, is from the front - the hub and first part of Main Street. It’s extremely crowded, which is why the HEA dessert parties are so popular (good viewing, far less crowded areas, food).


My opinion…

A and B - the curb in front of Town Square Theatre (where Mickey and Tinkerbell meet) Great viewing (it’s pretty much across from the dining package reserved viewing) and not as popular (since there is no Castle view as well I guess?) so it doesn’t fill up as quickly

C - sadly only YouTube and the like for Wishes. :frowning:

No clue about Marie.

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We liked Lib Square, on the river side of the street right where it meets Frontierland.