Boo Bash Touring Plans?

Is there a way to get a touring plan for the Boo Bash hours? Every time I try, it’s cutting it off at normal park closing hours.

Welcome to the forum! Question (to group at large): if the BB is limited capacity will a touring plan be necessary? I know the MNVSHP and MVMCP were very crowded but if the BB is going to run like an AHE then a TP shouldn’t be needed. Just my thoughts.


I have never needed a touring plan for an after hour event. I have created a list of attractions I wanted to do. For example, I hate the Astro Orbiter line so I do that during after hours.


I was wondering the same thing. I understand we won’t need a touring plan if it is like a normal after hours event, but I’d love to see a touring plan option to know if my intended plan is realistic from a time management perspective.


Wasn’t the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party also an after hours event? I did that several years ago, and the line were horrible. 7 dwarfs and Peter Pan were still an hour. I was hoping for some guidance on how to not have that happen again.

After hours events aren’t parties although both take place during the last hours the park is open and after it closes. It’s confusing!

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Historically After Hours events have been MUCH lower capacity than parties, especially as party capacity definitely grew year over year. So while you had big lines at parties, especially in the last years, you should not have (m)any at an After Hours event. IF they keep it as a true After Hours event. But as this is new, nobody really knows how crowded it might be.

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We’ll have to wait and see if the capacity is the same as previous AH events. Plus figure out if there are shows, etc at certain times. But the general idea for AH events is to wait for day guests to filter out (ie- the ones in line for SDMT at close at 9 will be clogging up the line until at least 9:30…), so at that time start with something that is guaranteed low wait. Then do whatever you want (usually go around the park clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on what rides you want), saving SDMT for later in the night as a general rule.

What we did (AH in Nov 2019)
From 7-9 we did FP/low wait rides like buzz, dumbo
We were in philharmagic when the park closed
Pirates (already no wait here)
BTMR x 3
Then we did SDMT mixed with other rides nearby like pooh, PP, carousel for the rest of the evening. We did SDMT around 8 times but this was a very low crowd AH event.

My biggest piece of advice is to have a substantial dinner planned beforehand. I did not and we ended up having some gross hot dogs somewhere. In the future I’d make a table service reservation before the event at a resort nearby, and then head into the MK at opening.

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Were you able to get FPs for the after hours event? (Not that it’s an option now, but wanting to be prepared if it comes back before September.)

You could get the fast passes for the early entry time. If that is from 7-9 you could get them at 6:05, 7:05, and 8:05 in theory but often I could only fit in two.

I can do one for Oogie Boogie Bash at DCA which isn’t even announced it’s going to happen if I do a personalized one…is this not working for you?


I went to another park earlier that day so I scheduled my FP for that park, then made my MK one later that day.

I added a period to fix it for you :slight_smile:


I did 12 rides during a standard MK After Hours event, including two goes on 7DMT, which was the only attraction that had any kind of actual wait time. I’ve seen others mention doing around a dozen rides.

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Nope. Every time I edit the plan to run to 10pm / 11pm / etc, when I hit save, it overrides it back to 9pm (park close)

Yes, that’s what I’m thinking now too. It’d also just be nice from a map / planning perspective. It’s easier to look at the checklist organized for you to minimize walking than to have to figure that out on the fly or to do it manually in advance.

I think the official Touring Plans staff needs to know so they can add those times to the schedule for personalizing plans so it works like DLR does for Oogie Boogie and I’m pretty sure I was able to make one for Magic Kingdom After Hours event. How do we alert them, @touringplans maybe?

I have created touring plans for parties. There were premise plans. I have never created a touring plan for an after hour event and I have never seen one?


Maybe I remembered that wrong. Entirely possible. It would have been Jan 2020 MK. I can definitely do it for Oogie Boogie bash in DCA for this year which I don’t even know is happening yet so parties are for sure.

Personalized Touring Plans do not currently support the low-capacity “after-hours” events like Boo Bash.

We did (and perhaps will in the future, should they return) support parties like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.