Boo Bash tickets

Asking for a friend, is there a reputable site for resell of the Boo Bash Tickets? Does anyone have a solid idea if they will be increasing the number of tickets?

I don’t think any of the reputable ticket sellers handle boo bash tickets.
They already increased tickets for select days once, which I was surprised by. If they increase again, I suspect many people who paid exhorbitant prices for a supposedly exclusive event might just break out the torches and pitchforks.


Do we know what the capacity is set at? It’s true. I’m going to be upset if it isn’t after hours type crowds with everything a walk on.

Agreed. My sister and I did an AH event a few years ago and it was amazing. Really hoping this is the same!


I always do any after hours events going on while I’m there. I love the AK one. I also would only go to MK for after hours on some trips because I can’t take MK day time crowds. The one I went to in March 2020 was pretty busy though.

Will not be surprised when that happens.

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You and everyone else.

We don’t know capacity.

And while I don’t think you’ll see a true after hours experience (and you should be rightfully indignant as it was billed as an after hours) I also don’t think you’ll see party crowd levels. I think this is going to be a “somewhere-in-the-middle” event.

I’m going on a Tuesday in September so if there’s going to be one with lower crowds it’s probably that one. Fingers crossed.

Unfortunately, I kind of agree. I have buyers remorse about my ticket now.

Don’t be so sure. I’m on the 9/14 date, and it sold out first of any September dates yesterday ( but now it’s on sale again, so it’s been reloaded. Yuck.

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Ugh that’s when I’m going.

From everything I’m hearing, depending on how my trip goes this may be my last trip for a very long time.

I find it interesting that Disney states you can not resell, transfer or cancel your Boo Bash ticket but if you look at your ticket on My Disney you have the option to reassign it to someone linked to your Disney account. I am curious to know what will happen to the person who tries to use the reassigned tickets. I have seen tickets for sale on other sites.