Boo Bash Ticket Questions

If I buy a Boo Bash Ticket, will I also need to make a park reservation for MK for that day, or is the Boo Bash ticket essentially the same as a reservation? (I’m not planning on entering MK prior to the 7pm entry time for BB)

Also, the announcement said certain WDW hotel guests could buy their BB tickets a week early. I have a reservation at Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista in DS - do we think this will count?

If you’re not going to enter the park prior to the Boo Bash entry time, you do not need a separate park reservation.

If the resort is one that qualified for EMH prior to Covid then I would think you will be able to buy on the earlier date. I get confused with the DS resorts though. .

Thanks - that’s what I’m hoping as well, that since it qualified for EMH & FPP early booking it will qualify for this too.

I have a reservation at YC for the 3rd week of October,. I got an email from Disney a few days ago letting me know that I could buy tickets as of June 8th.


Huh. Well, I didn’t get that. Did it say you could book via MDE or is it call in?

It seems to be call in. I got the email on Wednesday.

I have an August reservation for CSR that overlaps with two BB dates and I have not (yet) received an invitation to book early. I wonder if they are only doing it for certain dates that they think might sell out.

Yeah, that’s a possibility. I’m trying to book for September 14th, which probably isn’t likely to sell out, but I feel like I’ve been unable to plan so few other things that I normally would, getting to buy tickets to something and confidently put it in my plan would feel really good, lol.