Boo Bash capacity has been increased for most dates

I know there was someone who was looking…now will they let people switch to the date they really wanted but couldn’t get before? :face_with_monocle:

So much for an After Hours experience, eh??


That’s what I thought too…considering we felt rushed into buying 6 tickets because they were “selling out”. Will still be fun I’m sure.

Well I for one, am shocked /s



From the start I thought this would neither be a party experience nor a true After Hours experience, but something in the middle. This suggests that.


My question is… Do we KNOW what the initial ticket release was? It’s possible it was far below After Hours and this release brings it up TO After Hours numbers.

Still would like one on Sunday, October 3rd.

I cannot rationalize adding another night to spend $300 (two of us) for Boo Bash. I can however, rationalized spending the $300 in the middle of our trip! :slight_smile: