Bonus Trip Thanks to Travel Voucher - What Do I Need to know about POP?

I gave up my seat for a slightly later flight on a recent work trip and in return received a travel voucher. With this I was able to book a flight for me and my two older kids (DS10 and DD8) (sorry DH and twin DD5’s) from Ohio to Orlando in just 77 days! For our family trips we always drive and the next one is planned for June 2020 (I will be doing some AP math). My husband actually suggested I use the voucher for this because he knows I’ve been dreaming of going back sooner (and as a tradeoff he gets a ski weekend, haha). SO I jumped on the opportunity and booked POP for 3 nights on Priceline for $113/night.
I chose POP because it gets good ratings here for transportation, which is important for this trip, and the rate was great. Other than that I don’t know anything about it.
This trip will be be very park focused, 4 day PH, mainly MK, HS, and AK, with some swimming time. Not planning any sit down meals unless I can get a PPO BOG. I wanted to get this short trip in before GE opens so we can experience that for the first time as a family next year.

Please tell me your experience at POP, room requests, busing, pools, any extra fun activities for kids 8 and 10? I feel like I have so much to plan for now and wasn’t expecting it, but am very excited!!

We stayed at Pop in December for two nights, and it was quite nice and we loved the remodeling. We asked for a lake view because it was a great view. We didn’t get it, though; mostly because we had to get an accessible room, and there are fewer of those to go around.

I don’t know about the food since we didn’t eat any meals there. They do have dole whip, there.

50s was quite close to transportation I thought. Was in building 3 there with a pool view. I liked that pool best. Pretty quiet. The main pool was much more fun though and played current pop while the bowling pool played 50s music.

Food court. So busy, reminded me of a high school cafeteria from the 90s. Standard food court fare.

We liked it. With the 2nd bed down it was cramped. But, we didn’t spend a ton of time in the room anyway. The busses leaving Pop were plentiful and arrived pretty close to the estimated time. Walking to the bus stop leaving the parks was a hike- POP and Art of Animation are consistently the last corrals. Don’t forget you can also ride the AofA bus and walk across the bridge to POP if they have a bus and you don’t. We also enjoyed the Hippie Dippie pool. We were in the 60s building in a room farthest away from lobby, cafeteria, gift shop, etc., so that was also a hike, but it was pretty quiet. I believe the room we requested (5404) was only 4 rooms closer than the one we got, so I considered that a “get”.

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awesome, thanks everyone. I’m getting excited. I’m leaning towards 60’s building 5, room 5271. Hippy Dippy pool view. Love Mowgli and Baloo. TP estimates a 4 minute walk to the bus and 2 to the lobby.

I have stayed in the 70’s building facing the lake. I like it for a few reasons. It isn’t very far to the front for transportation. It also is nice because if you ever get to the bus stop and the bus has left or there is none and you see one for AOA, you can hop on that one and walk over. Have done that many times.

I stayed at Pop for the first time last August and chose it again for my upcoming trip (Thursday, yay!). The rooms are not luxuriously large, but I don’t spend tons of time in my hotel so it’s not a big deal to me. (I felt like an idiot because I did not know the second bed in my room was a Murphy bed - I went with a friend and got to the room first, and I texted her very irritated because our room only had one bed when our reservation clearly said two) Ditto to the remark about the second bed taking up space, but I don’t need to square dance in my room so it didn’t bother me. I love how much shelf space there is in the bathroom though!! I bring practically my entire bathroom with me (I’m very particular about my toiletries) so it was marvelous having space to lay everything out and not be digging around my suitcase twice a day trying to find the 15 tiny vials of potion I need. Got a preferred room which was near-ish the food court, and yes, it’s average Disney food court food.

Yes, I’m interested in this as well. We are staying there next year and haven’t stayed there since our honeymoon, without kids.

maybe this is a silly question, but those big iconic statues in the center of each building era, such as mowgli/baloo - is there a walkway through that are that lets you walk from the poolside to the lakeside of the building. I’m looking at a central ground floor room and want to make sure we don’t have to walk all the way around the building to get to the pool. Thanks!

If i am understanding you question the answer is yes. In the middle of each building is where the stairs and elevators are. You can cut thru there.

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