Bonjour! Bring on the Bed Bugs! A Chip ‘n Dale Adventure In France

We took the train back to the main Palace. We thought we should use the restroom but the line was so, so long! We left. The sun had disappeared. :sob: Look at the line of people trying to get in at 2:30 PM! :astonished: I circled the entrance in red.

We took the train back to Paris to Luxembourg Garden.

It was time to go to the bathroom! And the only place nearby was a cafe!

DSIS had ginger juice, which tasted bad to me. I don’t have a picture of the best hot chocolate I’ve had in my life! :yum: Dessert was hazelnut with mousse, and 3 macarons: passion fruit, hazelnut, and black current. They were all delicious!

We shopped around a bit before dinner. We wanted to order a course at a time to see how much food we needed but apparently, we needed to order everything at once!

Bone marrow. I had it at FARTS earlier this year. It was rich and yummy!

Creamy, melt in your mouth rich foie gras. So much better than the canned version.

Duck Confit and potatoes. I shy away from this dish in the US because the Chinese have roast duck. Duck confit cannot compare to it. But I wanted to try it in France. It did not disappoint. This duck confit was tasty!

Salmon with Citrus Sauce

This profiterole was better than last night’s! While the chocolate sauces at both places are rich and chocolatey, the pastry and the ice cream are better here! :yum:


We must have been running on some kind of fumes at this point!

We left our hotel around 8:30 AM. The Holiday Inn in the Opera District has a bus stop and Metro 8 and 9 station right in front of it.

Today was the first Sunday of the month, free day at the museums. We were thinking of WDW crowds but this was the only day we could fit in Orsay. Lines weren’t terribly long when we arrived before 9 AM. We got in the line for people with the Museum Pass. This line was allow in first exactly at opening time, 9:30 AM for security check. Museum Pass is like Genie+, even though it was a free day at the museum!

Remember I said we didn’t care for art? We initially came to Orsay just for the building. It looked amazing in pictures and it was even more awe some in pictures. :heart_eyes: It is way too expensive for us to build stuff like this today!

Orsay wasn’t crowded at all. We decided to check out some stuff. Primarily his work, Monet

This was the piece that changed our perspective about art: Starry Night:

We stood there a long time admiring. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Like most indoor places, it was so hot inside! :hot_face: Please ignore the wild hair!

This piece:

was at the Festival of the Arts this year.

The original piece is mesmerizing.

Did you know he had another very similar piece?

Some of our other favorite pieces by Monet:

We were there but my selfie skills are very lacking!

This former train station also had a children’s art center. It look like a room had stepped out of Versailles!

We saw a number of other pieces including this one by Degas:

This one showcased why these buildings in France were so ornate, the hard working people by Caillebotte!

We were out of here within 75 minutes.

We decided to deviate from our itinerary. We walked on the Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor over the Seine River to Tuileries Garden.

From the bridge, Orsay.

Grand Palace, with Pont Alexandre III and Eiffel visible.

And we were at Tuileries…

And a rainbow because it was raining in some places here and there!

We preferred Luxembourg. Yes we realize it wasn’t bloom season.


The Van Gogh’s :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: forget the other Art museum this is where I will be if I ever go to Paris. I audibly gasped when I saw your pictures. And yes the building is gorgeous.


You can sit for hours staring at the paintings. And you would see something new every few minutes. So many people just snap pictures of themselves with the piece and move on.


I think I’m having pastry and dessert withdrawal syndrome.


I was in heaven when we went to the Van Gogh Experience but to see one in person, sigh. To see the depth of the paint strokes…


Yes it is truly amazing to see the art museums in Paris for this alone!


I’m not a big art person either, but being in these beautiful buildings surrounded by these beautiful paintings is something else. Half the experience is the building (Louvre/Orsay) and the other half is the art (not Mona Lisa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


This! It doesn’t show up well in copies or pictures. You have to see the real painting.

I wanted to see Monet’s Water Lily Pond because I saw it at FARTS. The internet told me it was on loan to NY Metropolitan Museum. Imagine my excitement and awe when I saw it at Orsay!:heart_eyes:


That was us! We were at Orsay to see the building! But ended up loving the paintings!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m with you! Maybe if it wasn’t so crowded and we can get closer to look and it wasn’t so small…


Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m hoping to plow through the remainder of this TR this long weekend. Right now, WiFi isn’t working on my computer but it’s working on the phones!:woman_shrugging:t2:


Now that I have finished making my side dish for dinner…

Continuing on…

We were quickly realizing Paris is an old city or Paris is getting ready for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Some things were behind construction walls, behind scaffolding, and/or wrapped up like a birthday present.

Place de la Concorde was one of those.

Grand Palais was another. I knew about this one.

Petit Palais is not a royal palace but built for the 1900 Exposition Universelle. It looked like an ornate palace to us!

We got our first good view of that Tower!

Bad pictures of Pont Alexandre III. They do not do justice for this beautiful bridge.

The boulangerie I had chosen for lunch wasn’t open on Sunday. We found another place to eat, Maison Mulot.

This is the place we ended up with two Croque Monsieur because we couldn’t communicate fast enough with Google Translate! :sob: We bought two formula lunches and added on a quiche.

The salmon quiche and desserts were so delicious. The juices were yummy, too because it wasn’t full of sugar like juice in the US!

The Croque wasn’t very toasty. It had a bit of melted cheese because they heated it up for us. But it didn’t taste very good, especially the bread! :sob: Here’s the pile of bread I left. I’m longing for one of these at WDW!

I read that these Chouquettes were made from croissant dough and rolled in sugar. They were kinda of dry and tasteless. We’ll stick with donuts and beignets.

If Google Translate is believed, our dessert on the left is a pear pie and our dessert on the right is a pear and grapefruit pie.

After lunch, we took Metro to the Pantheon. It poured on us! :cloud_with_rain:

Very ornate and a solemn place because of the tombs, I think.

We didn’t know most of the people buried there.

We know Victor because of Les Misérables.

And we know Voltaire.

Then we took the Metro to Hotel de Invalides. The sun came out! We saw Napoleon’s Tomb.

We saw fat bunnies running around the lawn!

When I spun 180, I got this view.

Pont Aexandre III Bridge leads to Hotel de Invalides. Grand and Petit Palis are on the other side of the Bridge. The picture is pretty zoomed in. By the time I could get closer to the Bridge, it would probably be raining again!

Another rainbow as we headed to the Metro.


Looking at your pictures hit me in the feels! I miss Paris so much :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:


You going next spring again? :crazy_face:


Time to go find dessert! The goal was Le Bon Marche, a department store with pastries.

It was all decorated for Christmas.

The Ralph Lauren Bear is adorable!

We couldn’t find the desserts and were feeling blue. We noticed another building across the street labelled as Au Bon Marche and went it. It was a gourmet food store with desserts! :heart_eyes:

We could have bought one of each! The prices are very reasonable given the nearly one to one exchange rate. We only bought 2…

We took the Metro to dinner. We made reservations online ahead of time but there is a queue line.

Restaurants that have English menus are touristy and do ask for a tip.

Nearly everything we ate in France was delicious. But this was our best meal.

The different ingredients were blended together well and the escargots were not chewy.

Frogs legs were swimming in butter. They melted in our mouths and were delicious!

And we got the Beef Rib for two, which came with salad and fries. So yummy!

We were too full for dessert. The waiter bought us our bill telling us that the service is included but we can leave a tip. We sat next to some French nationals at the first restaurant we sat down at and they say it is customary to leave a few euros for tip at a sit down restaurant. They were appalled when we asked if we should tip 18%-20%!

We took Metro back to our hotel and had the desserts we bought from Le Bon Marche, Raspberry Tart and Pavlova. They were both very good!

All our hotels had a 110 outlet on the hair dryer. There were 230 outlets elsewhere in the room.

I couldn’t help but notice the hidden Mickeys!


Hopefully a positive omen!


Those would have been my picks too! Everything looks delicious and all the gorgeous art and infrastructure… even the rainbows and the bunnies! Looks like a great trip.


I was thinking the same :face_holding_back_tears:
Not sure when we will go back.


We’ve had a technology challenging day! :sob: Yesterday, our WiFi went down and DH spent most of today trying to bring it back up. DH is not an IT person! But he studies lots of videos and we are back online.


It was Monday!

DSIS was totally excited to go visit the dome at Sacré Coeur! It was so windy and cold when we got to Sacre Coeur! But at least it was raining, yet.

We walked up a hill and then up these stairs!

But you can take the Montmartre-Sacre Coeur funicular train.

Here are the payment options.

We got there a bit after 8 but unfortunately, we didn’t look up the information correctly! We wanted to visit the dome but we looked up the hours for the church! :scream:The church was open but the dome doesn’t open until 10! :grimacing: :sob: It is an active church so we were respectful of the worshippers and didn’t take many pictures inside.

We were not too keen about waiting around 1.5 hours for the dome to open We decided we would finally see that Tower up close and personal! :laughing:

Ahead of the trip, we had chosen to go to Bassins du Champ de Mars for a relaxing view of the Eiffel Tower on the lawn. The walk to get there was very nice. The homes lining the path were the best of what we had seen in Paris thus far!

There she is! Notice all the construction fencing…

We got to what is supposedly Bassins du Champ de Mars and here is our view!

The lawns have been taken up and the area was fenced off!
At least it was sunny and not windy. We took the boys out to admire the Tower.

Closer yet. Notice more construction fencing?

As close to under as we could get on the side we were approaching it from!

From Pont de Bir Hakeim

We climbed up those stairs to the Metro station so that we could take a joyride across the Seine with the Eiffel in view. Sorry no pictures. We were being very present for the moment.

It was time for lunch! We hadn’t eaten that day yet. We had read about charcoal sandwiches at Maison Bergeron. Do the lines out the door tell you anything?

For these places, you really need to know what you want before it’s your turn. But it’s hard because you can’t see everything that available before your turn! :astonished: Unfortunately, it no longer had the charcoal sandwich! Some of our bewildering selection.

We bought way too much! But we didn’t eat any of it after we bought the food because we were in dire need of a bathroom!!! Maison Bergeron didn’t have a bathroom. There were no public toilets around. We had to find somewhere to sit down to eat and fast! We settled on Cafe Le Dome. We fondly call this our 30 € bathroom pit stop! The Cafe is very touristy and pricey. But the Onion Soup was the best we had/saw on the trip! It was so, so delicious. The broth was tasty. The bread was still crispy in places. And the cheese was plentiful, stretchy, and yummy. The soup, served in a cast iron pot, is rather small. We each got fresh squeezed orange juice to go with the soup. The upsides? The food was very good and we each got to use the restroom twice! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Onward to Arc de Triomphe. I wanted a day view and a night view of this icon. But you can get killed taking pictures of it because cars come from everywhere!

It was nearly time for our Musée de l’Orangerie reservations. It rained again. We were early so we sat and enjoyed our desserts from Maison Bergeron.

The raspberry macaron was excellent as was the strawberry cream cake, which had more cream than cake. However, neither was overly sweet. We also had a chocolate croissant and a raspberry croissant. We didn’t take a picture of them because they got crushed! The chocolate croissant was delicious! The chocolate in the chocolate croissants we have eaten had been plentiful and bittersweet. Delicious! The raspberry croissant was basically a plain croissant with same dry raspberry on the top. I don’t have a picture of the just raspberry version but it look similar to this chocolate raspberry version.

Our view during snack.

I had a small backpack with me and was required to do a bag check at Musée de l’Orangerie. People were also checking in coats. It is nippy outside but many indoor places are over heated! There were a number of times, I was sweating buckets in just a long sleeved shirt and pants! :hot_face:

We were only here for these Monet water lilies paintings. I’ve seen pictures of them but it was surreal seeing how big they were! It was rather crowded and noisy. We had to wait around to sit down to admire and study the paintings.

We did like the Metro better than the bus because the Metro stations don’t get relocated. But sometimes, they can be a bit challenging to find because they are not labeled! From the direction we were coming from, there was no Metro sign for this station!

We were learning to recognize how the entrances of the Metro stations look like!

We checked in at our tour hotel, Le Méridien Etoile. We skipped the orientation meeting because we still needed to go get our luggage from the other hotel. But this was a nice hotel!

And how was I suppose to keep the water inside the shower with just a partial glass???

Off to get our luggage! Since the Holiday Inn had microwave, water, and bathroom, we heated and ate the food we bought from Maison Bergeron .

Vegetarian focaccia

Croque Monsieur

They were both delicious, even though we microwaved them! :heart_eyes: Interestingly, if we had eaten them after we bought them, they wouldn’t have heated them for us. I think they taste better warmed up!

France is environmental conscience. The cup lids are also paper!

Luggage transfer was a pain. Unless it was a major Metro station, there were no escalators! We each had a 50+ lb suitcase. Up and down so many flights of stairs and we had to transfer metro! More stairs! :weary: :scream: We were so blessed to have some very nice people along the way who leant helping muscles! Uber would have been the better choice!

Though far, we did have a view of the Tower from the Fitness Room. The Tower does a light show every hour on the hour. But there is no music and it is just white lights.