Bon Voyage last ADR good idea or no?

So, we’re driving in from Jersey, 4/28 - 5/4. And, we will be on the road on our little guys birthday.
So, we were thinking of doing the last ADR for the bon voyage breakfast, at noon on our arrival day and turning it into his birthday celebration, bc he loves Tangled.
Also wanted to order a cake from The Boardwalk Bakery to have there.

We’ve never done this meal, so I was wondering what people’s experiences with the last seating are - sometimes the last ADR can be great for interaction, sometimes they’re in a hurry to get you out. Also not sure how they’ll be about a cake coming in to a “breakfast.”

I already have the ADR, but if it’s not going to be a good experience, I’ll drop it and figure something else out. But we really wanted to do something for his birthday, and since it’s a non park day, out dining options are more limited. I don’t want to do Disney Springs bc I don’t like the cakes at those restaurants.

If he loves Tangled, I personally think you should do it. We have done breakfast there twice and really liked it. Last time we had an 11:40 ADR so not quite the last time. We didn’t feel rushed and we saw several of the characters twice.

I have not done the last seating but you should go!!! It was amazing!!! By far the one of best character interactions we have had.


Be sure to ask Flynn what’s in his bag. :slight_smile:

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Many years ago we went to CG for my nieces birthday. My sister bought a cake from the boardwalk bakery. CG charged her for bringing the cake and charged her for serving the cake and cutting the cake. I think the extra charges came to $30 plus the price of the cake, Mind you that was about 15 years ago.

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I’ve ordered cakes for restaurants at WDW before - generally, as long as you order the cake from the bakery that the restaurant is attached to, it’s fine. It could be that bc she brought it in from the Boardwalk instead of using the Contemporary pastry chefs they charged her.
Since the Boardwalk and Trattoria Al Forno are both part of the Boardwalk In, (right next door in fact) I’m not anticipating any problems.

Sounds good as I said it was 15 years ago.