Bon Voyage brunch on HS day

Is it a big pain to leave HS for a late brunch (around 11:45 reservation) and then come back to the park? What kind of commute am I looking at during a VERY busy week?

I posed a similar question previously about heading to that area for lunch and was told that it was a fairly easy walk from HS to the Beach Club/Boardwalk area. I will consider taking the boats if we are exhausted, but otherwise I think we will just take the stroll. If you are walking I can’t see that it would be much of a pain at all. Just have to go through security on the way back in. I am sure someone who has done it recently will chime in with definite info though.

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It’s a fairly easy walk from HS to the boardwalk. Probably 15 minutes unless you walk really fast. You will have to go through security again when you go back to HS after eating. I think it would be a nice break from the park.

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Thanks to all! The characters are there through even the “brunch” reservations, right? I saw you can make reservations up until noon.

Yes, we had a 11:30 reservation recently and the characters were there. It’s an enjoyable meal.

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When are you thinking about doing this? I was considering it for our December trip but I think I’ve decided to put it on an Epcot day instead. I’m not sure my kids and the grandparents can handle an extra mile there and mile back…

The week after Christmas :grimacing:. I realize what a mess that week can be, but we just want to hit some highlights and see everything Christmas/New Years. Just trying a few new character meals so we at least won’t have to stand in line for characters. Trust me when I say I’m not a fan of any extra walking, but I think it will be a welcome respite from the human masses at that point. If we don’t get everything done at HS we will head back after brunch before hopping to another park. Otherwise, we will just Uber to our next park from the boardwalk (unless it’s EP).

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We’d be going back to HS, so I think it’s out for us. Will be trying for an Epcot day, though!

If the problem is the walking, the FriendShip boats are a conveniently located option. Or are they expected to be down while you’re there?

No, we’re not going until December. But I’m not sure I want to allow for 2.5 hours out of our only HS day to do it. I don’t want to eat TS in HS but neither do I want to lose 20% of our time on an ADR…

Hey, which choice you make is totally your call. I just wanted to make sure you had the best info to make your choices on! Happy planning! :smiley:

I know! And I appreciate the help! Thank you! The whole “where to eat in HS” question makes me want to leave the park, but I’m not sure my 4-yr old without a stroller or the 70-yr old grandparents will care enough to take the time to wait for the boat or the energy to take the walk. As much as I think it’s an awesome plan, I don’t think they’d agree with me. :slightly_frowning_face:

I feel your pain on this one in regards to eating at HS. We are already going to give Minnie’s Seasonal Dine a try at H&V for several reasons (want to see Jingle Bell Jingle Bam and my family would be starving if they had to wait until we left the park to eat afterwards & trying to knock out the main characters to eliminate waiting in lines for them since it is such a busy week). I just don’t want to have to suffer through another meal at HS :laughing:

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If the friendship boats are running (I have seen articles that they will be out of service but not when) we found them to be nice and relaxing. We enjoyed taking the time away from the park and actually moved our next fastpass to later so we wouldn’t have to rush back.


I think the Friendship boats shutdown on May 8th for 6 weeks is the current plan. Walking path stays open. The Epcot resorts will also offer bus service to HS during that time as an alternative.

Plan on spending 2 hours at brunch including wait time for a table, not including transportation to and from the restaurant. It may take less, but probably not by much. It might be a nice rest in the middle of the day, just don’t plan on being back at the park for a 1:00 FPP or anything.

Does this character meal have an extensive wait?! Of all the character meals we have done, the longest one by far was a Tusker House brunch, but it was because of a delay in a character meet. I have never spent 2 hours in a restaurant (even at CRT) and would not be happy if it took that long to eat LOL. I will say though that my family and I are fast eaters.

We waited about 20 minutes for our table, and then we were at the table for well over an hour. The characters take their time with each table, so it takes a while for them to make the rounds. YMMV

I went back and looked at the review I wrote right after we went, and I was not misremembering. We were there a long time. We did have a great time, but I warned people in the review to plan on it not being quick.

Wow - thanks for the heads up!