Bon Voyage Breakfast?

Anyone know if the Bon Voyage character breakfast at Trattoria al Forno is a permanent thing now? I hadn’t heard of it being “limited time” or seasonal etc…just curious b/c we have it booked in November, but it looks like we really may need to make a few adjustments and cancel that one…not 100% sure yet but wanting all the info. first lol.

I haven’t heard any chitter-chatter about it going away. I’m hoping that they will keep it around. I debated adding it to our trip but I feel like it would be difficult to do that meal and rope drop a park. We are dedicated rope droppers!

@Gnatjo Yeah, we currently have BV scheduled for 9:15 one day, buuuut it’s the day after the MVMCP we decided on…and last year the kids were able to hang until midnight, we closed down the park! So I think 9:15 is super ambitious, and I don’t want to force them out of bed to make a breakfast res when they won’t likely be that hungry just yet due to the late night! It sort of pains me to cancel it…but I just think it’s for the best and we have lots of other great dining set up! I’m just a sucker for Rapunzel and Flynn!!
I do have a res finder search set up for something later or another day and I guess if it’s meant to be I’ll get it!

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It’s quite popular, it’s been getting good reviews, and it allows Disney to charge a lot more for a breakfast with a minimal increase in cost, so I see no reason why it would be going away.

If you think about it, please report back if you end up doing the meal. I’d love to hear what you thought about the experience!

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I knew I wanted to have breakfast at Trattoria the minute I decided to do Disney this year. I thought it would be a pretty simple reservation until I found out Bon Voyage came along. I have it on my reservation finder too. They don’t come up often and my phone doesn’t go directly to the MDE site so I’ve missed every one. Boooooo! Here’s hoping you get yours . . . and I get mine too! :grin:

By the way, I want to go to Trattoria for the food, not the characters. I have heard they will still serve walk-up guests at tables outside the restaurant if you don’t have a reservation. Has any one else heard this? This will be my plan of attack if the reservation finder doesn’t pull through for me!

I had the same thought!

I actually got a reservation alert two days after I submitted it! But it was for the same day we already have but EARLIER, lol, so no help, I let it go. We’ll see what else happens and if anything comes up. I’m approaching my 60 day and I’ve noticed between 60-30 days alerts come up frequently as people have done their FPs and arranging/finalizing plans, etc…

Yes, approaching 60 days here too - so keeping my fingers crossed that A LOT more options come available. I don’t think I could have picked a worse time to go to WDW for ADRs! I reluctantly took a BOG ADR on our MVMCP night because most of the nights that week MK have short hours, leaving very few opportunities to meet The Beast.

When is your FP date Mine’s Tuesday, eeeek! I didn’t actually have trouble getting any ADRs I wanted but now I just don’t know if our BV will work!

My FP date is Monday. Working like crazy to finalize my touring plans this weekend! I am so worried that I am not planning enough down-time, but there’s just so much to do it’s hard to fit it all in! I thought five days plus the MVMCP would be plenty of time, but now I’m wishing I could add an extra day. I even looked into it, but BCR is at capacity for the night after I leave and I don’t want to switch rooms for just one night. So not only am I hoping for some ADRs to open up at 60 days, I’m hoping some rooms become available too!