I’ve heard lots of people on here raving about boma breakfast. Is it as good in the evening? Staying at AKL and was thinking of doing a resort evening. Thanks

Yes both are very good.


I will admit it is on the bottom of my AKL list. It is a buffet, and I prefer Jiko and Sanaa.

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I would agree with @PrincipalTinker
We haven’t done Jiko yet but have done both Boma and Sanaa for dinner. Boma was good but after doing it once I felt no need to go again. On the other hand, we will be returning for our third dinner at Sanaa this March. It’s one of our must-do restaurants!

Never done Jiko and trying Sana’a for the first time in April. That said, Boma is my hands down favorite restaurant of pretty much anywhere. We eat Dinner there at least once every Disney trip and we’re always pleased. Kids love to wander in the back area and see the animals as an extra treat.


It was our favorite or near favorite place to eat last time we were there. Buffet so kids could find things they liked. Wife and I are more adventurous, and they definitely had plenty of offerings I had never seen at home. Great atmosphere for a family with kids.


I’ve only been for dinner and it’s always a must do for me.
Protip: Their soups are amazing.


Unlike others, I love Boma for dinner. It’s the top of the list for the table service locations at AKL. I’m an adventurous eater but was disappointed in Jiko (though it may have been due to my food allergies/intolerances so the menu was very limited to what I could eat) and as for Sanaa, I have had better Indian outside of Disney, and I make better butter chicken at home.

I agree, the soups are amazing at Boma. I frequently make the butternut squash soup at home.


I agree!!

Love Boma at breakfast and dinner, especially with the added convenience of staying at AKL

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