Boma or Sanaa

I have been mostly reading and gathering tons of great information on these forums but now my husband finally got to pick his vacation days for 2019 (he has to pick them all at once when the list get to him) and he was able to score the days we wanted for our family’s first trip to WDW so it is starting to feel a little more real to me.

I have been 3 separate times but the last time was in 2000. DH mother claims they used to go all the time but DH has zero recollection of this nor has he seen any photos. It will also be DD4 (will turn 4 while we are there) and DD5 first trips.

We are a little over 30 days out from ADR day and I am trying to put together some sort of plan. I had originally wanted to do both Boma and Sanaa as both sounded great to me but now I want to add in Artist Point so likely only one of those two will work into the plan. We will be on the deluxe dinning plan while we are there.

So basically which would you choose - Boma or Sanaa for dinner?

If you’re going to Sana’a timing will be relevant. It needs to be before sunset so that you can see the animals from the restaurant.


I am leaning towards Sanaa myself but that is something to take into consideration though I would ideally want to be eating dinner before sunset anyway in August.

They both have their pros, for sure. Boma has some great food; it has food for the adventurous and the not-so-adventurous. Since it is a buffet, you can try as much as you like.

Sanaa is also great. We ate their twice last week, and will definitely go back. It’s soooo delicious. The view of the animals is worth it, even if the food hadn’t good.

Oh those animal views, I want to say that my girls will get a kick out of that but who am I kidding, I would be fascinated by the animals.


Either would be a good choice. Boma is a buffet and tends to be loud and busy. When we have eaten at Sanaa, it was peaceful and the meal was more relaxing.