Boma or Sanaa?

Wanting to make an ADR for a restaurant at AKL for the evening of our day at AK. It will be dark as it is in November. I’ve heard there are places with night vision goggles near Boma and Sanaa. Which would you choose and why? Thank you in advance.

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We’ve never eaten at Sanaa, but I can tell you that Boma is our favorite restaurant in all of WDW. It’s buffet style and is always absolutely delicious. We’re vegetarians and hands down it has the best vegetarian options on property.

I don’t think you can go too wrong with either restaurant - have a great trip!!


If you are going after dark I may pick Boma just because you will eliminate most of the view from Sanaa. Boma does not have a view but I think the lobby of Jambo is an experience in itself.


Big fan of both restaurants.
I guess the big decision is between having a buffet or not.


We were there last December, and we had plenty of daylight at 5-5:30 before our dinner to wander the observation deck to see the animals…have to agree with @PrincipalTinker about the lobby at Jambo…as to the restaurants, its really personal preference…Boma is a huge buffet with many African-inspired dishes…we were not all that impressed…I think I was hoping for a little less Americanized experience (for want of a better term). If I head back to AKL to eat, I want to try Sanaa…have just heard so many good things about it…might also depend on family preferences…Boma might be more kiddo-friendly…

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If your party needs a lot of “safe” foods, then Boma.

If your party is open to slightly more adventurous eating, then Sanaa

Boma is louder and more festive.

Sanaa is quieter and more intimate.

I love them both, but choose each one dependent upon my needs for a particular meal.


Sanaa is one of my favorites in WDW; excellent food and atmosphere. Boma was a one and done for me. Not a fan of crowded, noisy buffets to begin with, but it gets such rave reviews here and on Lines, and I like exotic foods, so I thought I’d give it a try. I found much of the food to be bland and uninteresting (some of the soups and salads were pretty good). And it was definitely crowded and noisy. Although smaller, I liked the food at the TH buffet a lot more.

But as was said above, there are so many choices, even “picky” eaters should be able to find something they like. And the lobby at Jambo House may well be the most beautiful interior in all of WDW.


It’s just me and my almost 16 DD and we both enjoy trying new foods. I wanted to try the Savor the Savanah tour since it’s a surprise early birthday celebration but I’m afraid the focus will be more on the wines and less on the animals.

My family loves Sanaa. We are not buffet fans. I have 2 picky eaters, ages 6 and 8. We have eaten there the past 2 summers. Whenever I ask for their input on dining reservations, the first restaurant they say is Sanaa. You must order the bread! It is amazing…my girls also love the bread!

We decided on Sanaa. Can’t wait!

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