Boma, how far is resort from AK?

I made a dinner reservation at Boma rather than Yak and Yeti because reviews indicate the food is much better. My question is how far is the AK lodge from the AK park? is it walking distance or do I need to take a bus?


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You will need to leave the park and then take a bus or Uber to Animal Kingdom Lodge. I actually would just stay in Animal Kingdom and eat at Tusker House if you want a buffet.

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We ate at Boma yes it was nice but I would not say it is a must do. If I go back to AKL I would try Jiko or Sanaa.

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Boma is our favorite group restaurant at Walt Disney World! We go every trip. It’s worth the Uber from Animal Kingdom.

I think it’s a five minute ride.

Yak and Yeti is OK. Boma is great!

Absolutely do not miss the Zebra Domes for dessert or the Cape Dutch Malba Puddings (cakes).

To add to this, Jiko is where I had the best meal of my life! It was also $$$$. Boma is much more accessible.

Tusker has zebra domes too.

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Ok these were out of this world.

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They are very similar indeed.

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You can get JUST Zebra Domes in a 4 pack at The Maya café. When we are near AKL, we always pop in and just grab those for the road (with a NesQuik chocolate milk). SUGAR RUSH!

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Why did you not tell me this last week when I was there.:rage:

The ones in The Mara are not quite the same and I didn’t care for them nearly as much as the ones in restaurant

Well. What can you do other than put it on the list for next time?

At least you got to try some!

I usually try about 10. And then a few more for the road.

Really! I haven’t noticed a difference. Well now I have to A/B them and take notes.

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That’s 5 years from now ugh!

Thank you for the recipe but it looks like I could drive from NJ to AKL and get them from The Mara in less time. But thank you

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Thanks for all the input. I dumped Boma and made an ADR for Tusker. I would love to try Tiffins but I am traveling with 2 kids 10 and 15. My 10yo thinks Mac and cheese is gourmet. He would likely be horrified by Tiffins menu and am dining on the Disney dining plan. Tiffins and Jiko are both “signature” thus double credits which I wont have left by that day.


Tusker having Zebra Domes too is the best thing I’ve learned today/in a while. I’m now MUCH more excited about our Tusker House reservation (got it mostly for the characters). Thanks!


Agreed, Tiffins and Jiko are “fancy” and will use more credits. Do check out Boma if you get a chance, though!

You could do Tusker with ROL at no extra cost if you’re on the DDP.

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