Boma for breakfast?

I’m thinking of trying Boma for breakfast on the day we go to AK. I’ve heard good things, so I’m curious. I snagged a reservation time of 7:30am, but we are looking to RD NRJ that day. Will we have enough time to eat and get over to AK by 8:30ish? We’re on site, so we’d take the bus from AKL to AK.

It is generally recommended to give yourself 90 minutes for a table service meal. If you walked out of Boma and immediately got on a bus, you would need to do so by just after 8. I don’t think it is enough time.

That’s what I was afraid of.

I’m doing the latest breakfast sitting on an EMH day. I plan to RD FOP, hit whatever else we can and leave.

Boma is a buffet without characters. If you ask for your check right away I think you could be at the bus stop by 8:15. The issue would be if they let the crowd in early.

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You’d also be relying on a bus to be immediately available.

It is a very short ride so getting there is usually pretty fast.

As @PrincipalTinker said it is buffet so you can eat fairly quickly if you want.
We did NRJ close to park opening (didn’t quite make it) and we still walked right on.
I think it’s tight, but doable.

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What day is your ADR? Is it after Aug29? (I’m assuming it’s before this date) After Aug29, AK will have E-EMH everyday starting at 7am which would change rope dropping.

If it’s before the EEMH days start, you might be able to do it if you pay up front/ask for cheque early and maybe take an uber or lyft to AK so that you’re not waiting for a bus. It would be rushed, but doable.

It’s for August 20th…I’m not sure how much I want to rush on it. NJR is definitely my higher priority, so I don’t really have an issue dropping it, especially since we don’t have any TS dining credits, we’d be paying OOP

It’s our only full day at AK, so I definitely don’t want to RD and then leave…we’re looking to spend a full day there

Fair enough, just a suggestion. We’re going back after breakfast and we’ll still have more than enough time to do everything we want to do, but it’s our least favourite park so we do get through it pretty quickly!

Ahh…yeah me and my bf are animal fanatics, so I can see us standing and staring at gorillas for an hour at a time :joy:

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