Boma dinner or breakfast

Which is better. I have 2 young kids and wondering about selection for them and which one they would like better too. I also wondering how food is for adults breakfast vs dinner. Thanks

Great question and tough question! I am a breakfast person so I really like their breakfast. I love the unique items and flavors -the sauces for the carved ham, pap with stewed tomatoes, bobotie. Those are items that you can’t find in many places. There is plenty of mainstream breakfast items too. The items that standout to me at dinner are the soups and the sides. Again, there are so many unique flavors and zebra domes!

I don’t like big breakfasts, so I’ve only been for dinner.

We didn’t eat breakfast there, but we had two Boma dinners while staying at AKL in May and we really enjoyed them both. My kids (3 and 6) found plenty to eat - chicken, pork, beef, mashed potato, pasta and sauce, fruit, bread. I think there were also some of the standard kid buffet items like macaroni and cheese and corn dog nuggets. The two dinners at Boma were probably their best meals of the trip in terms of how much they ate, especially my 3 year old who is pretty tiny and isn’t a great eater.

DH and I really enjoyed the food too! There was a pretty big selection and a great mixture of mainstream dishes and more adventurous African themed dishes. DH loved the beef and the pork, and I loved the pistachio crusted salmon and coconut rice.

We found the atmosphere great too. It wasn’t too loud or overwhelming, but it was lively enough that we felt really comfortable there with our fairly active 3 year old.

Still trying to figur this out so I bumped it up

Dinner was fantastic. I’d like to do breakfast but we are RD people and I don’t think we could easily get there, eat and get to a park in good time.

We are trying it for Breakfast on our first morning this upcoming trip
Dinner is super yum. Just wanted something different this time. We are trying to keep our first day more low-key. So a little later breakfast at Boma, a few fast passes and whatever rides we get in. No pressure