Boma breakfast or Sanaa lunch on AK day

Trying to decide how to handle our one AK day next trip. Will skip Dinoland completely I think. I would like to do Rafiki’s train as that was closed in February this past trip. I would also like to grab a meal at AKL at some point on this day. We’ve done Sanaa for lunch before but never eaten at Boma. I was thinking of either doing breakfast at Boma or lunch at Sanaa. I will plan on us eating dinner at Yak and Yeti inside the park later that day. Will we have time to carve time out for this meal? If so, which option do you recommend?

My main goals for this day will be Pandora, Rafiki’s, EE and KS. It would be nice to also make time for FotLK and a trail or two.

I decided on a late Boma breakfast - we will RD FOP and do a couple more things hopefully before heading out around 10am.

Are you then heading back into the park? How much time have you budgeted for the break? 2.5-3 hours? Or is that overly conservative.

Yes we are. I’d have to look at our plans but I think I have budgeted 2.5 hours - 1.5 hrs travel and an hour to eat.

I did actually look at it and wonder if I was mental.

Lol. Because of the length of the break?

My Grandkids saw the animals at the lodge and want to go so I have scheduled a morning for a quick Sanaa grab and go breakfast so they can view the savanah before going to Blizzard Beach.

Yes, to spend so much of the day out of the park. But then the last time we were there we left at 4.30 to go to Boma dinner and didn’t come back so it’s probably similar. And this time we have a second afternoon there.

Ok I gotcha now. I kind of feel the same way in the timing of it…will have to contemplate. I guess it depends on the weather too. Last October is was miserable hot and we welcomed an afternoon break. If it’s milder we may aim for an AKL breakfast and then head to the park for the rest of the day. It’s hard to justify taking too long of a break since AK closes so early!

We go in August, I think the park is due to close at 9 so far.

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You could do Boma breakfast but know you’re sacrificing the RD advantage. We are doing that on our next trip, but we are fortunate to go quite regularly and are willing to forego the RD for the Boma breakfast experience this time.

If you are planning any kind of TS dinner, I would go for the breakfast. Sanaa too close to dinner and you’ll not enjoy both

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I am doing a Boma breakfast, 7:45 next week. I was fortunate enough to get FOP FP so I am not too worried about RD. I do think I will get to AK on either side of 9am so hoping the wait is not long for NRJ. If it is I will just skip it. Like @OBNurseNH I go often so I would prefer a nice quiet breakfast.

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My two cents - I wouldn’t be willing to carve out the time to travel to and from AKL in the middle of my park day just for breakfast or lunch.

Is there any way to do a PPO breakfast at Boma? Or does that timing not work?

If you decide to travel to AKL, you could consider Lyft (or Uber) instead of WDW busses. That’d probably help a little bit with timing.

Why not do Tusker House, though? I’ve heard it is similar to Boma in terms of the food.

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We’ve done Tusker on the past two trips. I do like the food there and would be willing to go again. I was just lookin to try something new. The other option I thought could maybe work is do lunch at Yak and Yeti instead of dinner and then book dinner at AKL as an end to the day.

I may also consider an early breakfast. This will likely be day 4 of our trip and I am hoping to do EMM in FL and TSL on days 2 and 3 so I was hoping to start this morning a little later.

Agree with you that the two meals to close together would be quite a lot of food. I do like the breakfast option but don’t know that I’d want to make it a PPO time as I plan for very early mornings the two days prior to this one with EMM.

Edited to add: I now think I’m just working our AK day into the day with TSL EMM. SWGE is making a lot of my HS plans quite contingent. Depending on how that pans out as far as accessibility by October I may skip EMM and make the whole day AK, in which case I think we’d do breakfast and then the park.

I’d choose this option, myself, if possible. Just don’t eat too much at lunchtime :slight_smile:

I’m leaning toward this option. Kind of feeling iffy about my initial plans for this day. We will try to do TSL EMM this morning if offered and then hop to AK for FPs and and lunch. I plan to book dinner around 6 but if everyone is just dead from the early morning I’ll be open to cut it.