Bog wont met me book

I’m trying to book a bog lunch for my last day but it wont let me pick my last day.

I believe you can only book 27 days prior. I don’t think it’s a 27+ length of stay like other ADRs and FPP. The reservations will open up one day at a time.

It should be open today as I booked another one two days ago so today’s should have opened. Its as if the day isn’t included in my holiday

Mine kept showing that there were none available- and I took someone else’s advice and used a different computer and bam! there it was. So if you are at 27 or fewer days from your desired date- I would try a different computer. Good luck!

I thought you could only have one at a time.

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You have to use the computer you first used to log in with. So if you used your phone first, you have to make the reservation from your phone. After you made the ressie you can check it or change it from anywhere. I spent a lovely time on hold before I talked to a CSM about this.

You can also try logging out of your account and back in - when I tried to make my ADRs it wouldn’t let me go past the 180 mark (despite staying at POR) until I did this.