BOG: So good we should go 2x? Or just once?

So 3/19 good BOG reservations and it fits nicely into schedule and everything hunky-dory.

For 3/20, we are going to Cindy 8am bfast, and I was only to get BOG reservations 11:20. If I can’t manage to later push them back a lot to 12:30 or 1, thinking about letting them go, and doing something else for lunch. Thoughts? What are people’s other faves in MK? Specifically Adventureland, where we’ll be late morning. Or should we splurge on a monorail hotel lunch or something? Will be able to push it back a bit later bc big bfast anticipated.

Thought about Crystal Palace? But BOG would be my first choice.

I love me some BOG… with that said… I don’t know if I would do two in a row for lunch. I rather try something else.

If you want to stay in MK would look at the menu at CHH to see if something hits your fancy. Maybe eat light for lunch and have an early dinner.

Are you having dinner on the 19th or lunch? I wouldn’t do lunch 2 days in a row, we found it loud and chaotic. Dinner and lunch are different though, we did both and dinner was much preferred. I think we would have liked lunch better if we hadn’t been earlier in the week for dinner. Dinner was calm, the ambience is great, meeting the Beast was fun and the food was excellent. We liked CHH okay for a quick service meal, also the chicken and nutella waffles at Sleepy Hollow.

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For me BoG lunch was “one and done”. The restaurant is beautiful, but the food is just average CS fare. If it was like other CSs where you walk up, maybe wait 15 or 20 min, order your food and eat it, it might be a nice change of pace from CHH - but as it stands now, not worth the effort. Someday I’d like to get a dinner ADR there, but I’m not going to stalk MDE every day to make it happen.

All right y’all. On your advice, I am going to, as Elsa says, let it goooooooo for day 2. 3/19 alone, and 3/20 we’ll do CHH or back to our hotel cafe pre-midday break. Thanks!!!

Which Hotel? If you are going to leave there are some really good options, but I agree, while BoG is fun I wouldn’t want to do it twice.

Like @bswan26 said, one and done. It’s really prerty inside and the food is OK, but I wouldn’t do it twice. Especially in one trip.

I loved it but there is really nothing at Disney I would do twice in one trip (with the exception of quick hotel food).

Too many great options to choose from.

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Saratoga. So we may do Artisti’s Palette (reviews seems decent if not super-special), but we have a villa so may just do something in our own kitchen. Surely mellow like that is allowed occaionally even @ WDW %^)

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If anyone else is reading this in the future: Columbia Harbour House’s food was passable at BEST, and the experience inside was AWFUL, the worst, most crowded fast food vibe ever, and food overpriced and blah. Whereas BOG was quite good, reservations all went very smoothly, inside decor is super-fun. If I was doing over, would do BOGx2.

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Interesting. Usually CHH gets good reviews. What did you have to eat?

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A bad salad. Iceberg and chicken. Don’t rem what else. Plus it was so slammed there, and traffic management made it feel way more overwhelming than crowded-but-better-crowd-controlled BOG.