BOG return time cards rumoured to be tested soon, plus more QS FPP

Just saw a post on the Liners Facebook page which I thought I would share here.

A liner is reporting that she had a tour of BOG with the restaurant manager, who has given her some pretty interesting info.
The main points were that - yes, FPP testing is over. But Disney are now planning to have at least 1 QS location in each park + DTD that will use the FPP system. Next location to have this rolled out will be DTD.
And starting tomorrow BOG will be testing A&E/Soarin type return time cards for it’s standby line. The test will apparently last for 90 days & the success will be evaluated after that time.

How do you guys feel about this?
For a quick service dining location? You go there when you are hungry & want to eat. I don’t want to plan ahead for when I will be hungry, go get a card, to leave & then return at a specified time by which I hope I will be hungry.
I personally also liked FPP for BOG as the standby was always so long at that particular location, I can’t quite grasp why other QS locations need it?


Thanks for posting! And I agree with you!

What does the FPP test is over mean?

You can still schedule it thru the link. And MDE Tech support still calls it a test.

FPP will never work in DTD plus none of those places are busy enough to need it. That just doesn’t even make sense.

BOG has been handing out paper FP return times for a week now.

I can’t answer those questions as that’s all I know, just reporting what another liner said as I thought it may be of use to some on here who aren’t on the FB page, it’s not my info.
If you’d like to know more I suggest you head over to the page and ask the original poster directly.

I really like the fpp (adr) for BOG lunch. Hope they keep it.