BOG reservations

I was able to snag an 855 breakfast reservation at BOG on our MK day, but the park opens at nine. Two questions.

  1. How early will they let us in?
  2. Would you choose to use your first hour in the park eating at BOG or would you rather be riding and taking advantage of short lines?

I have a lunch reservation that same day if that matters.

All pre RD get in at the same time around 7:45am. BOG seats based on arrival not ADR time for the pre RD breakfast. Be at the front of the rope drop pack and pre order. You will easily be in and out well before the park opens. You should even be able to squeeze at least one ride on 7DMT before RD crowd arrives.

I don’t like to miss prime touring time so I would not schedule breakfast anytime in the first two hours of park opening.

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