BOG reservation for 11/27 @ 6:20pm

I’m dropping a BOG reservation for 6:20pm on 11/27. If someone is interested, let me know and I’ll coordinate with you.


That’s a great one! I just needed it to be a few days later😉

Have you dropped it yet?

Not yet. Waiting to see if someone wants it.

I would love to have the ressie! I have been looking for a dinner there and that is our first day in the parks!

I forgot to ask, how many is the reservation for? We need a reservation for three.

Ok. Let me know when you’re ready. I’ll watch my notifications more closely so I know exactly when to cancel.

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3! Yay!!!

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I am at my house now so I am ready when you are! :slight_smile:

Though it looks like MDE is having issues right now.

I noticed that too. And for some reason I’m not getting TP notifications. Sorry for the delay.

I didn’t get any TP notifications either. Should we try tomorrow? :slight_smile:

I’m going to drop it at exactly 5:30pm EST. I’m finding it difficult to coordinate timely any other way. Hope you can get it! :two_hearts:

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I will be ready and waiting! :slight_smile: Fingers crossed! Thanks so much for offering it.

You’re welcome! Hope you enjoy it. We love it there! I’ll get my screen up and drop it right at 5:30.

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I am here with my finger on my mouse. LOL!

Yay!! I got it!! Thanks so much! :heart_eyes:

You’re so welcome :smiley:. Need a 7:55am CRT for 12/2?

Yes please!!!